Hair Saturday – In Your Dreams Glitters!

Hello, hello my lovelies!  Today is the day for hair whoop!

The glitterati train has arrived and I am jumping straight on to show some super cool glitter and sparkle products from In Your Dreams.  They are beautiful glitters that work super well in the hair, but also on the face for a festival-ready multitasker!

I have used glitter from this brand before and it’s truly a top quality glitter that has such a great shine and looks great anywhere and everywhere!

The first glittery dream comes in this trio; the “Tropical Sunset Stack Chunky Cosmetic Glitter”.  This is a nice seven pounds (about $14 NZD) so they’re actually super affordable.  They come stacked on top of each other and all work together nicely too.  In Your Dreams recommends using them with their “Glitter Beauty Balm” (about $17 NZD), but Vaseline is a really good way to apply glitter on the face, and hairspray works well on the hair too.

What is super cool is that In Your Dreams also have a biodegradable line of products, so that’s super exciting for those out there who are eco-friendly!

The “Eutopia Biodegradable Stack Chunky Cosmetic Glitter” is a stack of beautiful glitters that works really beautifully over the body and, you named it, the hair.  These are super sparkly, super pigmented glitters that you don’t have to worry about going down the drain at the end of the day.

This is a really exciting product as the shift away from plastic glitters is getting bigger and biodegradable glitters are becoming more accessible.  Plastic glitters can’t be recycled, therefore making them bad for the environment as they’ll likely end up polluting waterways and harming the sea life in them.

Biodegradable glitters are made out of renewable resources such as plant and cellulose fibres and they break down really easily in the soil and water.

These are about $14 NZD.

The last thing that makes me super duper excited is the “Paradise Pearl, Jewelled Headpiece” (about $15 NZD).  Isn’t this just the prettiest mermaid headpiece ever?  Honestly, I would want to wear this constantly because it’s so pretty.

I like the contrast between the diamantes, gold and pearl aspects.  This is so beautiful and is self-adhesive as it’s a sticker meaning its super easy to wear.

As a warning; the loose glitters do get everywhere if they’re not applied properly.  I used one of them about six months ago and I still find them in the couch!

Everything is on the In Your Dreams website

They have a sale at the moment for selected products too so that super exciting!





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