Funday Sunday – Putting all of my Highlighters on my Face!

So I am one who’s totally obsessed with glowing to the sky. Powders, putty, liquids, you name it and I’ve probably used it.

My highlighters all look nice on their own, but I wonder what they would look like if I were to layer them into one big highlight. Would it be the stuff that glowing dreams are made of? Or will it be more reminiscent of the tin man gone bad chopping wood in the forest?



Highlighter One

To kick it all off, I started with my tried, tested and loved liquid illuminator Copacabana from Nars.  This can be a little hard to use because its a liquid and can be a little messy, however, when done correctly, this can be amazingly beautiful and blinding!

This highlighter is available here



Highlighter Two 

The Next highlighter that I added was Transcendence from Stila.  This is one of those super blinding putty highlighters that everyone loves.  This is the purple toned one of the three.  Honestly, it doesn’t look too bad yet, given we are only two highlighters in, but if they keep layering like this maybe it won’t look too bad.

The highlighter is available here



Highlighter Three

Next up is my other Stila putty highlighter.  This one is the pinky champagne shade Kitten.  This is a beautiful highlighter on its own, maybe somewhat better for a slightly deeper skin tone than me, but it is beautiful.  It layered quite nicely over the highlighter before, it did cancel out the purple, but managed to add more luminosity which is always fun!

The highlighter is available here



Highlighter Four

If I thought that I looked okay before, The gold kinda ruined it!  It made the other shades look and feel so cakey.  Also this one tends to pull my foundation off my face which isn’t the most fun.  I just have to make sure that I apply it quickly after makeup.  This doesn’t have as much pigment as the other highlighters so didn’t have as much impact, but it addles a slight sparkle.

The highlighter (technically a blush but it’s very bright on me) is available here



Highlighter Five

We are now onto my powder highlighters.  We will start with the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in the shade Blinded by the Light.  This layered surprisingly well over the top of the liquid and cream products I’d already put over my face.  This highlighter definitely added more brightness to my already pretty blinding highlight.

The highlighter is available here



Highlighter Six

I’m totally starting to shine like a diamond.  The next highlighter that I used is the Tarte Spellbound Glow Highlighter.  This is a really beautiful bright highlighter that makes me glow when I use it alone.  When used on five other highlighters I glow soooo much!

My face really is so super uncomfortable now though.  My cheeks are feeling tight and my face feels like it wants to crack!  Not the nicest feeling

The highlighter is available here



Highlighter Seven

Now we are getting on to my really, really intense highlighters.  This is my Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Princess Cut.  This is probably the most intense highlighter that I own when I use it alone, so this is absolutely crazy on top of all of the others!  Again I’m sooooo super uncomfortable, I don’t suggest doing this to your face.  It will not like it!

The highlighter is available here

Also check out my post on Jeffree Star highlighters here



Highlighter Eight

Onto Makeup Revolution’s Skin Kiss in Ice Kiss.  This is such a beautiful highlighter. It’s light enough to work on my extremely pale skin, but warm enough to actually give that “sun kissed” seeling.  This highlighter is an amazing price and superior quality also.

This highlighter is available here



Highlighter Nine 

Last but not least is the 24 Karat Gold Skin Frost Pro Palette from Jeffree Star.  The colours in this palette are made for someone with a much deeper skin tone than me, but I put them on and ooooh how awful I looked.  I wear some of these colours sparingly occasionally, but all of them together over other highlighters?  NO!

This highlighter is available here

I look sooo Damn Fine

Final Thoughts 

Okay so this totally isn’t something I would suggest anyone do.  It is super uncomfortable and honestly, I just ended up with this awful “stripe” on my face.  Not a good look and it feels awful too!

Let me know what you think!

xo Chelsea







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