Indie Tuesday – Jeffree Star Skin Frosts

If you want a blinding highlight, then look no further.  The controversial Youtuber Jeffree Star’s highlighting Skin Frosts are out of this world.

I have been on the search for a blinding highlight that works on my pale af for a really long time.  I have used liquids, putties and powders to no avail, however, one day I was researching and came across these.  I decided to check them out online, and I liked the look of them so I went into Beauty Bliss and checked them out for myself.  I entered the store excited and left with the 24 Karat Pro Palette (see here) and the Skin Frost in Princess Cut (see here).

These highlighters have the most intense pigmentation.  Obviously, the colours in the 24 Karat palette are way dark for me, so I bought them as super shimmer shadows (so technically not highlighters for this face)!  However, they look amazing on the eyes too.


Princess Cut Skin Frost

Princess cut is a cool pinky highlighter that reflects a cool silver tone when the light hits it.  It has a really beautiful creamy formula and has a nice level of pigment.  It’s beautiful and super blinding on top of my pale skin which was so exciting to see!

The highlighters in the 24 Karat Pro Palette are absolutely stunning and would look so amazing on someone with a deeper skin tone.  They work beautifully as eyeshadows, I use them all over the lid, and then over the browbone and inner corner to create a dazzling look along with other palettes.


The packaging for both is amazing.  The first thing that got me is the gigantic pan sizes on both.  For most highlighters, you’ll get something pretty small, but that’s totally not the case here.  The single pan of Princess Cut has an 8cm (3.15in) diameter!  Each of the eight pans from the palette is 4.3cm (1.7in) squares.

Princess Cut comes in the original pink compact with a huge mirror on the inside.  And the palette comes in a gold, sturdy cardboard palette, similar to the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette.


These all swatch absolutely beautifully!

I forgot how creamy these highlighters are!  They were such a dream to swatch, the pigmentation is so beautiful and intense!

Colours from left to right:

Princess Cut – single skin frost

Sarcophagus – 24 Karat Pro Palette

King Tut – 24 Karat Pro Palette

Dark Horse – 24 Karat Pro Palette

Legendary- 24 Karat Pro Palette

Giza- 24 Karat Pro Palette

Liberace – 24 Karat Pro Palette (the one on the bottom of my hand)

As you can see, these are super bright colours and are absolutely stunning under the light.

Final Thoughts

These are highlighters of the utmost quality.  I highly recommend them to someone wanting something really bright and blinding.  It’s great to see a brand that has taken the time to create something of such high quality and not charge the world for it too.

The whole brand is also cruelty-free, vegan, talc free, gluten free and paraben free which is just amazing.  You can rest assured that this product is going to be good for you and the environment!

These are both available to purchase through Beauty Bliss and through the Jeffree Star website as well.

Price of Single Skin Frost:  $49 NZD

Price of 24 Karat Pro Palette:  $65  NZD

Tell me what you think of these; have you tried them?  Do you want to?

xo Chelsea

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