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I’ve been using a couple of Goodness Skincare products recently and love them so much that I thought I would talk to you all about how awesome they are!

Goodness is a New Zealand company owned by Trilogy (another amazing skincare company).  They source amazing ingredients from all around the world and put them into their New Zealand made products.  They are totally cruelty-free, vegan, natural, biodegradable and recyclable which is just amazing!  A lot of their products are made from natural skin loving oils and other plant-based natural ingredients, meaning they’re better for you, your skin, and ultimately the environment too.  On their website, they also say “parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sulfates, silicons, harsh surfactants and other nonsense are left at the door”  which is just so amazing.  This makes these products far better for those with more sensitive skin, and problematic skin sufferers, such as those with psoriasis and eczema etc.  The fact that they don’t have sulfates also means that they are more greywater safe which is cool if you use your shower water in your garden, it won’t kill your plants!

Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser

I’ve been using the Every Day Clean Cleanser recently and the first thing I noticed about it is how beautiful it smelled.  It didn’t smell overly synthetically perfumed, it just smelled like natural goodness (excuse the slight pun!), I’m assuming the smell comes from the yummy essential oils in the formula.

This is jam-packed full of skin loving ingredients such as apple extract; a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that helps to fight free radical damage caused by stressors such as pollution, the sun and too little sleep, while hydrating and plumping the skin.

Its also got oils such as avocado, chia and coconut. Avocado oil is full of antioxidants, again helping fight that free radical damage and keep the skin youthful.  It’s also full of fatty acids to help plump and softly exfoliate the skin to make it appear brighter and smoother.

Chia seed oil is super hydrating, it helps to plump the skin, fight signs of ageing and repair dry skin.  It does all this, whilst also having zinc and vitamin B3, both of which help combat clogged pores and oily skin.  This oil helps all skin types by bringing both to the perfect equilibrium.  The Goodness website also tells us that the chia seed oil has “a winning 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6”.  These help to keep the skin healthy, it can help relieve acne and psoriasis.

Coconut oil is an amazing moisturiser that is also antibacterial and antifungal.  Meaning this would also work really well for more acne prone skin too.

This cleanser feels amazing on the skin.  It is incredibly smooth, spreads easily, and when washed off, leaves a beautiful hydrated feeling on the face.  It never feels tightening, instead, it feels incredibly hydrating and comfortable on the face.

I would say this is perfect for most skin types.  I use this as a second cleanse for my more dry, psoriasis prone skin, and I find that it works beautifully.

It even won an award!  It won the Nature’s Health award for Natural Beauty in 2016.  Talk about an over-achiever!

This can be bought through Supermarkets, or on the Goodness website here.  It is $19.99 RRP, but is on sale on the website for $17.99 right now!!!!!

Goodness Twice-a-Day Eye Cream


The other thing that I have been absolutely loving is the Goodness Twice-a-Day Eye Cream.

This is an amazing eye cream.  Its one of the only eye creams I have ever used that hasn’t instantly hurt my sensitive skin so that was an instant win for me!

This cream is also full of skin-loving ingredients such as the avocado, chia seed and coconut oils – like the cleanser above.  This eye cream also has witch hazel extract in it too.

Witch Hazel is basically like natures holy grail of plants.  It helps to lower inflammation on the skin, it is antibacterial, it helps heal skin damage and swelling, it is soothing, it helps get rid of bruises and it’s really great for acne sufferers as it helps treat that too.  I know not all of this is specifically relevant to the eye area, but seriously, how amazing is this?!

This is a beautiful hydrated on the undereye area.  It gets absorbed into the skin quickly leaving the undereye feeling refreshed and light, rather than heavy.  Because it absorbs so quickly, this also means this won’t give you milia; those little white spots on the eye caused by prolonged piling up of product on the eye.

This doesn’t have a huge scent, if you really try, you may get a slight fresh smelling whiff, but overall this is relatively unscented.

I love this eye cream, it’s a great hydration booster that leaves my eyes feeling soft and light.  I would recommend this to anyone.  It would work for all skin types and is sensitive enough to work for those with really sensitive skin too.  I would always spot test it, but I can’t see anyone having issues.

This can also be bought through Supermarkets or on the Goodness website here.

I have only used these two products so far, but I am really keen to try some more of the range.  Do any of you have some suggestions as to what else I should use?  Let me know down below.

xo Chelsea

Thank you to the Goodness website for this banner image too

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