Hair Saturday – What Oils Should I Use for my Hair?

Choosing the right oil for your hair can be a quite daunting task, so I thought I would do the work and research a few of the best oils, and what the actual difference between all of them is.  It’s a big world out there, and there are a lot of oils to see, there should be one that works well for you.

Hask Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil, sometimes called “Moroccan Oil”, is produced in Morocco (hence the name) from the kernels of Argan Trees.  The best argan oils are produced by hand by smashing the kernels and extracting the oil, this is called cold pressing.  Brands such as Josie Maran and Saadia Organics produce it in this way.

Argan oil is full to the brim of fatty acids and vitamin e, both of which are incredible for both the hair and the skin too.

Fatty acids help the hair in a plethora of different ways when put through the hair all the way to the scalp.  It helps with dandruff, hair growth, reducing hair loss, moisturise hair, reducing inflammation and helping to decrease hair breakage.  This isn’t it though, it also helps to create the shiniest, silkiest ‘gram worthy hair you’ve ever seen.

This is good for: all hair types, especially lacklustre/dry/dandruff hair

Suggestions:  Try the Hask Argan Oil range here.

Hask Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is again full of fatty acids, the things that are going to take your hair from lacklustre to shiny, bouncy and amazing.  This will help to bring life to your hair.

Similar to the Argan oil, this is really great for growing the hair faster and keeping it healthy and shiny.  This is the oil I tend to use in my hair and it helps to smooth stray-aways and make my damaged hair look healthy again.  It’s also used to help control the oil of your hair, which sounds funny because it is an oil, but it will help to balance out your hairs functions without being too oily or causing congestion.

This oil is also full of fatty acids and vitamins that will help to grow the hair strong and help to repair hair that has been damaged due to stressors such as the environment, heat styling, colouring and more.

This is good for:  All hair types, really nice on oily roots and dry ends.

Suggestions:  I really like the Hask Monoi Coconut Oil available here this also has Monoi oil in it from Tahiti which helps for extra hydration and nourishment.

Hask Chia Seed Range

Chia Seed Oil

Chia seeds have become such a superfood recently due to their amazing effects on the whole body.  This includes hair now, with more and more people recognising that it makes their locks the envy of all those around them (sound cheesy enough?).  

Chia seed oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids, and as we have said earlier, your hair loves those!  It helps to strengthen the hair, help it remain smooth and shiny, bring it back to life after being damaged and so much more.

According to Bustle’s article that I found on chia seeds, it is so full of protein that it can also help your hair grow.  It’s full of amino acids and antioxidants; both of which are going to help stop your hair getting damaged in the first place.  AND amazingly it can help stop your hair going grey (or white if that’s you) because its full of copper, which helps hair retain its colour. 

Check out Bustle’s article on this oil here

This is good for:  All hair types, especially colour treated, or ageing hair.  Great to help protect from damage too.

Suggestions:  I found this chia seed oil online on Piping Rock here.  Hask also have a range of Chia products here


All in all, every one of these oils is lovely for all hair types.  The Argan oil would probably be the universal oil that will help everyone to keep their hair in good condition.  The Coconut range would be best for people wanting to treat more damaged hair and make it look beautiful again.  The chia oils would be amazing for colour treated and ageing hair and helping to protect it from future damage too.

xo Chelsea

Images from top – from L’Oreal Paris and Hask

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