VS Monday – Best Primers for Oily Skin

Hello, hello.  If you saw my post from last week on Monday (click here!!), you would have seen my list of great foundations for oily skin.  Well, this week I thought I would write about the primers to use under these foundations!

The Porefessional Pore Primer by Benefit Cosmetics

Primer One – The Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics

This one isn’t going to come as much of a surprise to anyone.  The holy grail for so many people covers pores and controls oil production all day, helping to keep you looking perfect all day.  Who doesn’t want to look like they just put their makeup on when they actually put it on 8 hours ago?!  It is a silicone based primer meaning that it is going to help smooth out skin and help to inhibit oil production while you have it on.  This is going to ensure your face is a perfectly smooth canvas for foundation application and that your skin will look fantastic all day.  this primer also helps to stop foundations creasing too. 

This primer is going to work really nicely on a really oily skin type, as it works so well to control oil production.

Find this primer here

Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 by Hourglass

Primer Two – Veil Mineral Primer with SPF 15 by Hourglass

This primer is another primer that really helps to smooth out the skin and control the effects of oil production.  This makes the skin feel absolutely amazing, it’s so incredibly smoothing without making the skin feel weighed down or heavy.  The fact that it has a sunscreen factor in it just makes it better, especially seeing as our sun in NewZealand is so intense (damn you ozone layer!).  The other really cool thing about it is that it makes your makeup waterproof.  Honestly, next time you’re at a Mecca or a Sephora etc, put some of this on your arm and sprat water on it.  It’ll bead straight of your arm, leaving your beautiful primer perfectly intact underneath.  

Again this primer will help to increase the wear time of your foundations by stopping the oils of the skin from melting them off.  It will also work to inhibit creasing.  This primer isn’t as drying as the Porefessional primer above, so I would suggest this to someone who may be slightly more combination rather than a super oily skin type.  

Find this primer here

Photofinish Foundation Primer by Smashbox

Primer Three – Photofinish Foundation Primer by Smashbox

This is another huge favourite in the beauty community.  This primer helps to minimise the appearance of pores as well as fine lines and wrinkles (which is a huge plus in my book!).  Not only does it also help with controlling the oil of the skin throughout the day, but it has skincare in it too!  This primer is filled with vitamins A and E, both great antioxidants that are going to help with stressed skin, combatting all those pesky concerns that come up due to environmental factors.  

This is such a beautiful primer for you oily skinned gals, guys and everyone else out there.  Not only is it going to help your skin look flawless under foundations and other makeup, but it is going to provide a protective barrier against anything else that would potentially damage your skin over time.  How cool is that?

Find this primer here

Photofinish Foundation Primer Pore-Minimizing by Smashbox

Primer Four – Photofinish Foundation Primer Pore-Minimizing

This is another version of the original Photofinish Primer above.  I believe that this may be a slightly thicker formula that helps to fully smooth overall pores to create a perfectly smooth and blank canvas for makeup to sit on.  This is supposed to work for eight hours, which is a pretty decent time for a primer to be actively controlling oil, camouflaging pores and keeping the face perfectly matte and smooth.

This is going to be beautiful on oily skin that may also have a little bit of texture to it; whether that is acne or larger pores, this is going to help smooth out the skin’s surface to give a beautifully applicated finish.

Find this primer here

Does anyone use any of these primers?  What do you think?  Let me know down below

xo Chelsea

PS Smashbox have a really cool primer quiz thing to show what the best primer for you is!  Take it here

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