Cheapie Thursday – Nyx Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette

Hello eyeshadow lovers!

I am an avid collector of eyeshadow palettes whether they’re drugstore palettes or high end, I like to test them all.  Today I thought that I would chat about my experiences with the Nyx Avant Pop Palette in Nouveau Chic.  I have had this palette for little under a year.  When I first bought this I used to wear it all the time, however, I haven’t really worn it recently.  I thought that I would try it on again, see what I think and let you know.

Colours in this eyeshadow palette are less crazy than the colours in some of the others.  It has some really lovely pink and brown matte neutrals, one purple matte, bronze, purple and silver/pink metallics and some crazier deep blue and green metallic shades too.  The shades are all really pretty and give you enough interest in the eight pans for varied looks.

The formula of the metallic shades, in my opinion, is better than the matte formula.  They glide on to the eye and have a fair amount of pigment.  The formula for the metallic eyeshadows are creamier than the mattes, however, this often tends to be the case with many eyeshadows.  The mattes aren’t anywhere near as creamy, and they do tend to be a little powdery.  I would recommend tapping your brush off before applying the shadows to the eye.  This, therefore will ensure a nice application, hopefully avoiding any potential patchy looking shadows.

I had a slightly hard time blending the dark brown shade into my crease, however, with a slight amount of extra care, it was absolutely fine.  The green-ish (says black with a gold shimmer above, but I swear I saw green) shade took a little bit of building up on the lid, but it performed nicely.  I applied the bronze/rose gold shade with my finger on the centre of my lid.  This was to ensure the most dazzling and pigmented finish.  I finished off the look with the lightest metallic shade on my inner corner, and on the brow bone.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I was fairly happy with the way this look turned out.  I think that the shades all work pretty nicely with each other, and layer/blend on top of each other well.  I also feel like the colours may have faded slightly through me wearing them today, however, they haven’t creased which is fantastic.

This is a nice palette.  However, I think that another palette around this price that is better is the Morphe 35F.  This has more opportunity for variance.  I also think that the colour selection is better.  In saying that however, the Nyx palette is much more travel-friendly and is pretty good.  I would say it is totally up to the user on what they are wanting from a palette to choose what is best for them.  I like the Morphe one better, it’s just better quality and there are more shades.

So, what do you think about the Avant Pop palettes?  Are the other ones similar?  Let me know down below.

PS The pan size on the Nyx shadows is amazing, they’re huge!

xo Chelsea

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