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Skincare Friday – What’s the Point of a Serum?

Hi guys, I know that it has been forever since I wrote a post, finally, I have a new one here!!!  Today I am going to be explaining exactly what a serum is, what it does, and how you use it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer the question “What’s the point of a serum?”

What is a Serum?

Basically, a serum is a product that goes onto the skin before moisturizer to target skin concerns.  For instance, some serums work to re-hydrate the skin, some brighten, some mattify etc.  The serum bottle will always tell you what they do, there are some really great anti-aging serums out there too!  On top of all of that, there are serums for all skin types; oily, dry, dehydrated or anything in between, there is a serum for you.

A serum is a thinner product than a moisturizer, allowing it to sink into the skin quickly.  This then ensures the skin sucks up the full potency of the ingredients.  The saturation and potency of ingredients are how they help dramatically make your skin concerns a thing of the past!

How do I use a Serum?

There are a few different ways to use a serum:

The classic way:  The usual way to use a serum is to put it on the skin after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizer.  Most are made to do this day and night unless they have specific ingredients that are not for use in the sun, such as some retinoids.

For the makeup obsessed:  A serum is a fantastic thing to mix into your foundation.  This adds luminosity and can also add hydration (depending on serum formula).  It will sheer out foundation a little depending on how much you mix in.  But I find I love to use it on a natural makeup day, or when my skin is feeling a little dry and sensitive.

For the lazy:  Mix this in with your moisturizer.  If you’re wanting something simple and easy, they work really well together.

As a mask:  You could even put on a thick layer, leave it for ten minutes as a mask, and wipe off the excess as an easy skin treatment.

What are Some Serums for Different Skin Concerns:

Aging Skin:  Try out the L’Occitane Serums.  The Immortelle Divine Extract is absolutely beautiful to re-hydrate aging skin.  It also helps decrease inflammation and dark spots/under eye circles due to the immortelle flower the line is based around.  Check it out here.

Lack-Luster/Dull Skin:  The Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum is great to help brighten the skin and make dark circles and spots disappear.  This is due to a high (15%) of L-Ascorbic Acid which is the special name for Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is an incredibly brightening ingredient and is also an antioxidant.  This will help protect skin against inflammation, stress and environmental factors such as pollution that will damage skin.  Check it out here.

De-Hydrated Skin:  I would either go for the L’Occitan Serum above or the Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum.  This is amazing to help add hydration, making the skin supple and soft.  Check it out here.

Oily Skin:  I would probably go for the L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Essence.  This is perfect under makeup as it helps to smooth the skin and minimize pores.  It is hydrating, but still mattifying.  AND it has small brightening glitters in it to help add luminosity to the skin which makes it so pretty!!!  Check it out here.

Does anyone use serums here?  Let me know down below.

xo Chelsea

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